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India New Delhi

While the manufacturing industry is carrying out supply-side structural reforms, the candy machinery industry is also facing the problem of industrial restructuring. With the development of science and technology, the market size of packaging machines is getting bigger and bigger, and the functions of the equipment are also becoming more and more abundant. In the face of the increasing market demand, the packaging machine equipment industry is also quietly undergoing transformation.

The industrial structure needs to be adjusted urgently. How to improve the competitiveness of packaging machines?

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that while moderately expanding total demand, efforts should be made to strengthen supply-side structural reforms. The packaging machinery industry is also facing the problem of industrial structure adjustment. How to improve the competitiveness of packaging machines? Only on the premise of clarifying the current industry development trends and goals can enterprises ensure the healthy development of the entire industry in a scientific and sustainable way.

In recent years, affected by the economic environment and relevant national environmental protection policies, my country's packaging industry has gradually slowed down. However, from the overall point of view of the industry, my country's packaging market has good development space, whether it is high-end products or low-end products. In this context, my country's automatic packaging machine will become the packaging machinery with the greatest development potential in the packaging industry.

With the development of science and technology, the market size of packaging machines has become larger and larger, and the functions of the equipment have become more and more abundant. In addition, consumers' aesthetic concept and practicality of packaging have changed, and automatic packaging machines are also constantly improving and improving with market demand. At present, the product packaging designs of supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacies are becoming more and more varied, reflecting the gradual diversification of automatic packaging machines. Various packaging machines, such as vacuum packaging machines used in the food industry, granule packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, etc., have gradually improved their functions and have the function of electronic label printing. With labels, the safety and traceability of product sources can be guaranteed. , to better meet the needs of consumers.

In the face of the increasing market demand, the packaging machine equipment industry is also quietly undergoing transformation. Highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption packaging equipment is favored by the industry. The future packaging machinery can only promote the improvement of the overall level of the packaging equipment industry if it cooperates with the trend of industrial automation. New intelligent devices such as highly intelligent numerical control systems, encoders and digital control components, and power load control have been widely used in packaging machinery, enabling equipment users to be more independent, flexible, accurate, and highly efficient during operation. Efficiency and Compatibility.

According to experts, at present, my country's rice noodle processing equipment mainly involves two automation technologies: fieldbus technology and sensor technology. The fieldbus technology can "liberate" most of the traditional packaging links, simplifying the tedious, with obvious convenience and flexibility, and can retrieve and analyze the operating data through the system, understand the actual and real-time production situation and monitor the workshop. The operation status provides convenience for the unmanned operation of the entire production line and the seamless connection of transmission, detection and other processes; sensor technology is widely used in packaging machinery industries such as food and medicine, such as monitoring and filling of food and beverage storage tanks. Sensors are used in packaging, mixing and processing, cooling and warming, cleaning, packaging, and more.

According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2015, the enterprises above designated size in my country's packaging industry completed a total of 1,136.548 billion yuan in main business income, which has a market size of trillions and has become the world's largest packaging country. At the moment when the packaging industry is experiencing steady growth, packaging equipment manufacturers need to continue to increase innovation, and absorb and learn from advanced technologies from abroad, and continue to make breakthroughs, so as to accelerate the development of my country's automatic packaging machine enterprises and gradually improve my country's automatic packaging. The current situation that the performance of the machine is not high enough.

The above is the relevant content introduced by the oatmeal production equipment manufacturer, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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